An Important Reading 

By Sue

I shared a very important message with my best friend, Helen, on the very day of her aunt Lena's passing. 

Her aunt had been hospitalized for over a week, because she was so critically ill with cancer.  However, once in the hospital, she received treatment, and miraculously seemed to be on ...

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My Teenage Years

By Sue

In my teenage years, I started to see situations before they happened. I remember unsuccessfully trying to talk to my parents about it. I was told that I had a great imagination. Later, I was told that I was just very bright, and so, I was able to figure things out, because of cl...

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Turning Thirteen

By Sue

By the time I was thirteen, I could hear people’s thoughts.  This was hard for me, because most times, people's thoughts were quite different than their words.  More and more, I felt affected by energy.  I have always known when people were sad or anxious, and most of the time, I knew...
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In The Beginning 

By Sue

I can’t remember when I realized that I could see into the future or communicate with those who passed.  It was not an oddity for me.  My grandmother was very intuitive and she spoke quite openly about it to me.  I was only 10 when she passed away.  I had dinner at her house on a...
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