My Teenage Years

By - Sue
01.11.21 06:03 PM

In my teenage years, I started to see situations before they happened. I remember unsuccessfully trying to talk to my parents about it. I was told that I had a great imagination. Later, I was told that I was just very bright, and so, I was able to figure things out, because of clues that I was picking up on. According to my mother, these clues were so subliminal, that I wasn't even consciously aware of them. Yet, as my predictions became harder and harder to explain away, my mother, a chemist, finally said, these are just coincidences. They can’t really be explained, but we know they exist, and with this revelation the conversation was over. I was desperate to connect with people who could teach me, because even with all of these unusual skills, I couldn’t count on them. 

What do I mean by that? My intuition didn’t always work, many times it was not terribly specific and sometimes I was just plain wrong. Secondly, I was surrounded by individuals who told me that mediums and psychics just didn’t exist. In their mind there were two types, those who suffered from mental illness, and those who were just flat out con artists. However, I knew I was neither, but the thought of people I cared about viewing me that way was enough to make me shut down this part of myself. Once I left for college, I couldn’t help, but peruse books stores in hopes of finding answers that could explain my situation. But the truth was that it was all just conjecture. There wasn’t much being done by the scientific community to lend understanding to this controversial subject. I dreamed of working as a medium, and helping those who needed guidance, or those who desperately missed a loved one, but the thought of having to tell people what I did for a living just haunted me. 

One of my greatest experiences at the university was meeting like-minded people, who were open to paranormal occurrences. I was able freely help friends using this gift, and to enjoy the satisfaction that accompanied these sessions. When I finished university, I ended up in sales and marketing, which is a wonderful field for someone who can read minds. By the time, I met my husband, I was an account manager working in Academic Science Publishing. I always seemed to know what my customers needed, what would sell, and what would not.